Human Cloud Careers

We have a very simple careers process. 

Email us how you can help at [email protected]

The more specific, the better. Due to our profitability and sustainability growth focus, we value outcomes with a proven track record over generic bullet points.

About Us

We are a fully distributed, global team.  We have team members in the US, Canada, Europe, South Africa, India, and Asia. 

Everyone starts as a freelancer (we ourselves started as freelancers sending each other invoices). Depending on the role, type of work, and our team members unique situations, some become full time, most stay a freelancer. 


We have three core values.

(1) Clear passion for the freelance economy.  Working with us is a long term relationship, with the bond being pushing the freelance economy forward. 

(2) Impact over outcomes. Outcomes over talk. Whoever built it gets final say. We aren’t that good of managers, and definitely not good baby sitters. We are ruthless in holding each other accountable to the outcomes and impact of our work. If you like large company politics you definitely won’t like it here. 

(3) Relationships over all. Whether internally, our clients, or our partners, making each other better is at the core of every interaction, transaction, and experience we undergo.

Beyond these, we work primarily a-sync, we have clear OKR’s as a company, as a team. and as individuals, and we hold each other accountable to what we’ve committed to. If that means 10 hrs/wk, it’s the best 10 hrs/wk possible. If it’s a deliverable like increasing our SEO presence, it’s getting us to #1 on Google in clear language. 

prioritized needs

Email [email protected] with how you can help.

We have high value content that’s organically reached the top of the charts. The Human Cloud podcast is top 5% globally, averages 100 views/week, and is the top podcast for the freelance economy category. Our statement of work template was #3 on Google for most of 2022.

Our CaC is zero. We get 100-250 visiting the site a week. Our LinkedIn following is increasing over 30% MoM. 

But it’s unorganized, links are everywhere, and we’re ready to invest in positioning.

We have the richest competitive intelligence on how enterprises, providers, and marketplaces drive the freelance economy. 

We need foundational and execution support to convert this data into rich insights. 

You’ll work side by side with our executive team and client partners.

We need typical sales and partnerships support, ranging from leads to account management. 

As it stands, we have too many leads, too little closers. 

Our sales partners need to have strong experience in Enterprise settings and exposure to the freelance economy.

We have multiple sites and content that needs to be centralized.

We need writers for internal, external, and major media publications.

We expect you to heavily leverage ChatGPT, to have articles related to the freelance economy, and a strong B2B understanding.

We need program managers to run freelance programs in enterprise environments from ideation to scale. 

We have the framework and playbooks. You need to have the experience. 

This is a bit of a Unicorn role since there’s seldom few practitioners. 

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