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We help our leaders position their unique differentiation, align their best growth strategies, and own their niche.  

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Feel like your yelling into the void? 

Unfortunately we’re not sexy, we’re a stable, linear growing industry that can’t grab TechCrunch headlines, and that’s a good thing. 

You need to get in front of the right people. That’s where we come in.

The best marketplaces expand, not just land. 

While some have 400+ MSA’s, the best have scaled from 0 to $1 mil+ within key accounts. 

How? They became a strategic partner, not just an ‘oh sh**’ email.

It’s not just you. Every marketplace started with a spreadsheet, is drowning in email, and tried to make their clients use their technology. 

The days of 100,000 freelancer networks are over. Everyone has enough freelancers. Not everyone can activate the right freelancers, at the right time, to consistently wow clients.

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"The Human Cloud is the best first step any leader can take to build the future that puts people first and creates the future of work."
Stephanie Nadi Olson
Founder, We Are Rosie


We’re smart, but your peers are smarter. 

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"The work Jon Younger PhD and Matthew Mottola are doing to drive collaboration and relationships between platforms is brilliant."
Rich Wilson
Founder, Gigged.AI

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We’re proud to be pioneers of the freelance economy. 

We’ve built the companies, wrote the books, and worked with the leaders that have created what now has become the freelance economy.

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Lead, Enterprise Intelligence

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