DOWNLOAD: Freelance Economy Landscape



The most effective market landscape of the freelance economy that includes skills, regions, demographic data, sentiment data, and relevant features.

Step 1: Download the Industry Landscape to access the database

Step 2: Add your solution or refine your solution’s information by commenting or emailing us at [email protected]

Step 3: Add review’s from freelancers and customers to your solution. 

We’ve prioritized the top solutions in the freelance economy. 

This does not include every solution, it includes solutions we’ve been recommended. 

We are averaging 5 new solutions a week.

Segmentation is one of the most difficult aspects of the freelance economy.

We’ve broken the freelance economy into 9 segments:

  • Horizontal Freelance Platforms
  • Vertical Freelance Platforms
  • FaS – Freelance As A Service
  • IPFE – In Product Freelance Experiences
  • Open Innovation
  • Internal Freelance Marketplaces
  • B2F – Business to Freelancer Solutions
  • Providers (VMS, MSP, FMS) 
  • Freelance Consultancies



Enterprise Customers

> Find the right platform based on skills, region, and unique requirements (compliance, level of managed service)
> Rate/review to help your favorite platforms
> Assess your maturity compared to your peers

Platforms, Providers, Solutions

> Add your company to our database
> Make sure your information is accurate
> Add customer reviews
> Find partners based off needed skills, regions, and areas of coverage

Investors, PE, Venture

> Source talent platforms, providers, and solutions
> Accelerate due diligence based on sentiment data (also access Trend Tracker to evaluate industry performance, success factors, and trends)


> Find platforms or solutions you'd like to work on based off skills and regions
> Rate/review platforms to help your fellow freelancers

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