Human Cloud continuously polls over 200 companies and freelancers, across 35 countries, to benchmark how the industry is doing, what’s working, what’s not, and other industry factors to keep your roadmaps, funding, and strategy informed.

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  • Demographics: Survey participants are predominantly freelance talent platforms, freelance management services & providers, and freelancers.

current market data

Business Performance

Performance is predominantly neutral, with most platforms seeing moderate (defined as 5-15%) growth, and 29% of solutions doing poorly.  

Success Drivers

Brand is #1, client relationships is #2, echoing sentiment that growth/digital marketing, and paid growth is performing poorly.  

Client acquisition

Most aren’t succeeding at attracting new clients.

Internal Team Confidence

Most are confident about their internal teams. 


Funding is not a priority, but many are seeking or open to acquisition. 


There’s an even distribution of those prepared, not prepared, or neutral.

Government support

Government legislation globally seems to be a headwind, rather than tailwind.

Industry Confidence

Most are confident about the freelance industry, albeit a slight dip in confidence.

AI Adoption and Impact

AI has provided immediate demand, but most are using AI as both a support feature and external marketing tool.

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