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Access 1m+ freelancers securely, compliantly, and seamlessly within your existing external talent infrastructure.

Freelance Workforce Maturity

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What's The Business Case?

Freelance workforce models unlock 30-50% cost savings compared to traditional external hiring processes by using cutting edge workforce technology to:

1: Replace human and manual processes with software.

2: Increase visibility and reduce inefficiencies within the VMS, MSP, and talent marketplace technology stack

3: Replace 6-12 month SOW’s with 1-3 month SOW’s since freelancers can do more with less time. 

Freelance models can find, interview, and compliantly onboard talent within 2-5 days. They do this by leveraging the below technologies:

  • Freelancer network aggregation and management
  • Intelligent Matching
  • Automated Classification
  • Automated Background Checks
  • Virtual Desktop Integration
  • Existing Onboarding Processes

If done right, the right freelancer can be hired in seconds.

The freelance economy unlocks transparent merit measurement. 

While the typical best practice is ratings/reviews, we enable our clients to fundamentally re-structure their data in ways that optimize the right talent, working on the right problems, at the right time.

How we recommend collaborating

Start Small, Iterate Fast,
grow together


We help you understand the space, identify your unique positioning, and support your early discussions.

"There are 70 million people doing exactly that. We're 130,000. Imagine having access to 70 million people as a workforce going forward.
That in itself was a done pitch."
Mina Bastawros
VP Creative & Digital Marketing


We get in the trenches with you to scale a freelance program or application.

“Open talent is basically fluid and elastic talent that you can access in a matter of days. You have a problem, you need the expert for short duration, solve the problem and bow out. They're like a SWAT team for me.”
Vinod Kartha
VP, Strategic Initiatives
Why our clients love us

We have our clients'
best long-term interest


We’ve been in your shoes, we’ve faced your challenges, we can see your blind spots


We are only incented for you, not a single marketplace or provider


We tie our contract with you in alignment with program wide success


We already have the working relationships and can deploy marketplaces and providers within your existing infrastructure


We manage the negotiations and terms for the multiple marketplaces and providers you’ll engage

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Matthew Mottola
Company Lead

The benefits are clear. Yet as a leader told me, "you'll never hear no, you'll hear yes without a plan to get started".

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