Nuri Demirci Lopez, Principal PM at Microsoft & Author


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Enterprise Leaders,

Why should you care about the freelance economy? Yes…over half the US workforce will be freelancing in the next 5 years. Yes…there are over 300 million freelancers worldwide. And yes…freelancers encapsulate every skill, especially cutting-edge skills like AI, Blockchain, and Supply Chain, and have the exact expertise that you need. 

But beyond that…why do you need to embrace remote, freelance models in your business? 

There is no one better to explain than Nuri, Principal PM at Microsoft and Author of ‘Leading the Unknown: Strategies for Leading Remote or Gig Teams’. 

Microsoft has been a leader in embracing freelance models. They built the Microsoft Freelance Toolkit in 2018. 

In this episode, we’ll discuss the benefits, but also get tactical about leading remote and gig teams. 

We’ll discuss: 

  • how the evolution of technology opened the door for the freelance economy
  • the benefits of democratizing work and accessing global talent,
  • The challenges of scaling freelance workforces in an Enterprise setting 
  • How to go beyond just using a freelance platform, and instead enable collaboration with freelancers across the world 


05:40 – The Evolution of Technology

14:46 – The State of the Freelance Economy

19:56 – Why Companies Should Care About Freelance Work

25:34 – The Future of Work and Leadership

33:35 – Overview of the Book

43:52 – The Importance of Care in Leadership

45:46 – The Future of Leadership and Freelance Work

46:45 – Getting Started with Freelance Work

47:40 – Negotiating Pricing and Fairness

49:05 – Considerations for Freelance Workforce

49:33 – Secure Access to Corporate Resources

50:10 – Embracing Gig and Freelancing

51:09 – Understanding Freelancing Platforms

52:35 – Learning from Others in the Freelancing World

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