Freelance Market Pulse

Human Cloud continuously polls over 200 companies and freelancers, across 50 countries, to benchmark how the industry is doing, what’s working, what’s not, and other industry factors to keep your roadmaps, funding, and strategy informed.

How To Choose Your Talent Platform Guide

Choosing the right freelance talent platform is a very important decision that can have long term consequences if not chosen properly. Most important, is that you are looking for a partner, not just a vendor. This guide will give you the important questions, that will help you get started to find the right partners.

Chili Pepper Process

This download includes a 6 step process, along with worksheets and a framework to balance risk and freelance adoption. It breaks risk into 6 risk conditions, IP, Systems Access, Remote or Onsite, Location, Permanence, and Time.

Risk Factor Assessment and Planning

While freelancers yield transformational benefits, they yield high risk. In this template are 10 of the most common risks, with a framework and worksheets to help you manage, measure, and solve for each risk.

Partnership Agreement

Foundational partnership agreement for freelance talent platforms to partner with fellow platforms.

2024 Freelance Events Calendar

Download Your 2024 Freelance Events Calendar Today. Knowing where to show up in the freelance economy is tough. Do you go to HR conferences? Tech conferences?

The answer is complicated, yet we’ve reduced the complexity by open sourcing an event database.

Freelance Economy Landscape

The $5.4 trillion dollar freelance economy has a seemingly fragmented yet interconnected ecosystem. We’ve segmented and listed the 100+ players you need to be aware of.

Freelance Workforce Maturity Assessment

How does your freelance workforce or freelance strategy compare to your peers? Through 5 quick questions, we’ll segment where you stand in relation to your industry, company size, and type of work.