Calvin Sedao, Co-Founder & CEO of Awana

TRANSCRIPT Calvin Sedao, Co-Founder, Awana LinkedIn Email Twitter Print Subscribe to Human Cloud Podcast Leaders,  We’ve all been hearing about nearshoring, and the rise of technical talent from Latin America. In this episode, we’ll learn from Calvin who built his first couple of companies through LATAM talent. He believed in this talent pool so much […]

Maulik Sailor, Founder & CEO of Innovify and CodeMonk.AI

TRANSCRIPT Maulik Sailor, Founder & CEO, Innovify & CodeMonk.AI LinkedIn Email Twitter Print Subscribe to Human Cloud Podcast Leaders, A freelance workforce can be your secret weapon to drive agile product outcomes at scale. What does that mean? It means that rather than looking at freelancers as filling a gap or a cheaper solution, freelance […]

Ryan Bettencourt, Co-Founder, Growth Collective

TRANSCRIPT Ryan BettencourtCo-Founder, Growth Collective LinkedIn Email Twitter Print Subscribe to Human Cloud Podcast Leaders, Marketing can be tough. While we all know we need it, and while freelance marketing is nothing new, marketing is one of those areas that is tough to measure, tough to validate success, and the industry as a whole has […]

Karina Rahavia, Founder & CEO, Ollo

TRANSCRIPT Karina Rehavia, Founder & CEO, Ollo Share this episode! LinkedIn Email Twitter Print Subscribe to Human Cloud Podcast Episode Overview Leaders, Karina Rehavia, Founder & CEO of Ollo, is an accomplished entrepreneur and business leader with over 20 years of experience and a proven track record of launching innovative service offerings. She has led […]

Dan Curran, Founder & CEO, PowerPublish

Expert Insights Dan CurranFounder & CEO, PowerPublish Leaders, Dan Curran, without any predetermined master plan, found himself immersed in the freelance economy amid the Covid pandemic. Recognizing the opportunity, he pivoted his publishing company into an expert marketplace, seamlessly connecting niche journalists and consultants with complex/regulated B2B brands. What sets Dan apart is his unique […]

Linda Mann, US Co-Founder & CPO, FlexC

Expert Insights Linda MannUS Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, FlexC Leaders,  Linda is our industry’s superhero in building freelance programs at scale. She built PWC’s Talent Exchange, she was MBO’s Chief Experience Officer, and now is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at FlexC, a somewhat new yet prominently established marketplace.  A couple of themes to listen […]

Marc Clemens, Founder & CEO of Code Control & 9am

Expert Insights Marc ClemensFounder & CEOCodeControl & 9am Leaders,    Entrepreneurs like Marc have built the freelance economy we know today and are building the freelance economy of tomorrow. Specifically, he has cracked the code on mobilizing high quality product and technical talent through Code Control, the German marketplace founded in 2016, and recently launched […]

Jeremy Johnson, CEO & Co-Founder, Andela

Andela is a leading marketplace for developers, engineers, product designers, and technology experts. Beyond the platform, Jeremy has spent over 15 years unlocking the power of global, digital networks to drive business change.

Matt Dowling, Founder of Freelance Club

Expert Insights Matthew DowlingFounder of Freelancer Club Leaders, the freelance economy is shifting from being dominated by large, horizontal marketplaces to small, niche, hyper relevant communities of freelancers. We call this freelance first, and Matt’s 8+ year old community of 60,000 freelancers is the epitome of this. Built with education, support, and opportunities as the three pillars, […]