Karina Rehavia, Founder & CEO, Ollo

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Episode Overview


Karina Rehavia, Founder & CEO of Ollo, is an accomplished entrepreneur and business leader with over 20 years of experience and a proven track record of launching innovative service offerings. She has led several business development and large-scale projects for prominent global organizations. Karina joins us today to discuss the freelance economy and the growth of human cloud platforms like Ollo. She shares the story of launching Ollo and the challenges she faced in building a platform that emphasizes flexibility, high-touch client service, and human intuition in matching clients with creative freelance talent. She highlights Ollo’s success in acquiring top clients by providing a full concierge experience beyond just a talent marketplace. Karina also discusses the future of the freelance economy and Ollo’s plans for continued expansion, including a new initiative around influencer marketing.

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Follow the link to learn about Ollo: https://ollo.is/#home


00:00 – Introduction and Background
03:05 – Defining the Freelance Economy
05:06 – Starting Ollo: The Inspiration and Journey
10:19 – Challenges and Expectations of Launching Ollo
18:02 – Engaging with Freelancers: Project-based vs. Time-based
20:53 – Factors that Led to Ollo’s Success
24:47 – Scaling the Business and the Role of Human Intuition
28:09 – Favorite Customers and Their Success Stories
31:39 – The Ideal Client and Internal Champion
35:09 – The Future of the Freelance Economy and Ollo’s Expansion
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