Maulik Sailor, Founder & CEO, Innovify & CodeMonk.AI


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A freelance workforce can be your secret weapon to drive agile product outcomes at scale. What does that mean? It means that rather than looking at freelancers as filling a gap or a cheaper solution, freelance is a fundamentally better way to drive your product organization and product initiatives. 

No one understands this better than Maulik Sailor, Founder of both Innovify and CodeMonk. Maulik is the exact person we want to help us understand how to drive product in today’s global and digital first world. Innovify is a product studio that builds disruptive software applications from the ground up, while CodeMonk is a freelance tech and product talent network. 


Maulik is part of a growing trend of freelance talent platforms that bundle both a network and a managed service. Increasingly as companies look to freelance to solve more complex problems and scopes of work, this bundled approach is needed. What this means is that instead of saying, “here’s a bunch of individual freelancers”, they can take you through the entire software development lifecycle, from ideation, to MVP, to scaling a fully functional software application. 

In this episode we’ll discuss:

  • How flexibility and agility are crucial in the fast-paced world of product management
  • His delivery framework ensures successful project execution by emphasizing communication, clarity, and documentation
  • Why a Product leader should care about freelance
  • How transparency and trust are essential in building strong relationships between clients and freelancers
  • Building effective teams requires considering technical skills, soft skills, and compatibility among team members
  • Team intelligence – including the ability to embed freelancers within existing teams to enhance project outcomes
  • The future of freelancing lies in continuous matching and rematching of talent and projects


  • 00:00 – Introduction and Background
  • 01:18 – Entering the Freelance Space
  • 05:30 – Missed Opportunities and Lessons Learned
  • 08:15 – Merging CodeMonk and Innovify
  • 12:37 – Balancing Product and Startup Success
  • 14:27 – The Need for Flexibility and Agility
  • 19:34 – The Role of Freelancers in Top Tech Companies
  • 22:02 – Differentiating from Traditional Freelance Platforms
  • 23:58 – Matching Talent and Pricing
  • 25:03 – The Importance of a Delivery Framework
  • 29:17 – Transparency and Trust
  • 30:20 – Learning from Freelance Experience
  • 31:10 – Building Effective Teams
  • 37:14 – The Power of Team Intelligence
  • 38:11 – Tactical User Experience on CodeMonk.AI
  • 44:45 – The Future of Freelancing

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