Asal Naraghi, HR & Talent Strategy Leader

Human Cloud podcast Asal Naraghi,HR & Talent Strategy Leader Never miss a podcast! Leaders, Asal is the definition of an HR Changemaker we want on our side. She was Phillips’ Global Head of Strategic Priorities Delivery,  What blew me away were four things: How similar the technology of the freelance economy solves top challenges for talent leaders. […]

Deep and Vikram, Founder and Co-Founder Credilinq

Human Cloud podcast Deep SinghFounder & CEO, Credilinq Human Cloud podcast Vikram K.Co-Founder, Credilinq Never miss a podcast! Leaders, While many experts agree that the freelance economy is the future of work, access to credit is a leading barrier for solopreneurs, freelancers, and freelance marketplaces. While large, traditional companies can leverage credit to grow their business, […]

Arvind Ravishunkar, GM Wipro

Human Cloud podcast Arvind Ravishunkar, GM Wipro Never miss a podcast! Leaders,  AI is all the buzz…but what is the practical application of AI for every leader? According to Arvind, GM at Wipro, a leading global digital transformation consultancy, the practical application is that in the next 5 years, there will be a fundamental disruption in the […]

Breaking Down John Garvey, Global Financial Services Leader at PwC

Human Cloud insights Breaking Down John Garvey, Global Financial Services Leader at PwC Never miss an insight! Leaders, John wrote “The biggest cost reduction opportunity in financial services? It’s the gig economy” in April of 2022. Key Learnings: Cost is the main driver for freelancers. He says, “Moving say a $100,000 average contractor that has a […]

Steve Rader, Nasa

Human Cloud podcast Steve RaderNASA Tournament Lab and the Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation Never miss a podcast! Leaders, The freelance economy is more than just a staff augmentation or marketplace model. It’s a fundamental disruption in how we unlock the most important asset of our society – human potential. In NASA’s words, “It […]

Freelance Hiring Manager Scoping Input Template

Average freelance hiring manager conversion from interest to hire is less than 10%. The key reason is hiring managers don’t care or don’t know how to scope. Use this template to get them started and increase to 50%+. This template can be physically printed out, used as a form, or used as the foundation to a larger process.

Freelance Economy Landscape

The $5.4 trillion dollar freelance economy has a seemingly fragmented yet interconnected ecosystem. We’ve segmented and listed the 100+ players you need to be aware of.