Paul Falcone, Bestselling Author & HR Expert

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Episode Overview


Paul Falcone is a bestselling author and experienced HR Leader across several large companies including Time Warner, Nickelodeon, and NBCUniversal. Paul provides key insights on how independent contractors and the freelance economy can help address talent shortages. He also stresses the importance of collaborating with HR, highlighting their responsibilities around compliance, data privacy, and more. Crucially, Paul emphasizes that providing visibility through regular communication is key to enabling HR to be an effective partner. We explore how the role of HR has evolved into a strategic driver of business performance and some of the key challenges HR leaders face today, including talent scarcity, compliance, and managing uncertainty. 

Some Key Takeaways:

  • HR has become a strategic business partner, evolving beyond its administrative roots. Trust and empathy are now critical pillars.

  • Talent scarcity is the #1 priority for HR leaders today. Leveraging fractional talent and the freelance workforce can help fill urgent gaps.

  • HR owns compliance, data privacy, and ensuring a positive worker experience. Involving them early when engaging external talent is essential.

  • With continuous disruption and change, uncertainty is top of mind for HR. Providing clarity through open communication is vital.

  • HR seeks to empower and develop talent. With a spirit of partnership, HR can become a true ally in mobilizing your workforce.

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00:00 – Introduction and Background
04:15 – Defining HR
06:26 – Transformation of HR
09:53 – Trust and Top Challenges for HR Leaders
13:27 – Visibility and Impact of HR
14:15 – Working with HR and the Importance of Compliance
18:05 – Compliance and the Future of HR
21:20 – Themes from the Book: Talent Scarcity, Grade Inflation, and Accountability
23:17 – Talent Scarcity and HR Priorities
27:53 – Solutions for Talent Acquisition
32:55 – Loyalty and Culture in the Freelance Workforce
39:38 – Uncertainty and the Role of HR
42:39 – Recommended Books for Business Leaders
46:14 – Favorite Animal
47:30 – Closing Remarks and Where to Find Paul
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