What Enterprise Leaders Need To Know About Freelance

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We all know about the shortage in technical talent. We also know that this shortage is only increasing as technologies like Generative AI push the boundaries of technology.

How can HR leaders adapt to this technical shortage? Specifically, how can they attract and retain the talent their business teams need?

Join us Tuesday, May 28th at 11 am EST as we welcome Maulik Sailor, CEO of Codemonk and Innovify, Tony Buffum, Ex CHRO and Talent Strategist, Jon Younger, Godfather of the Freelance Revolution, and Matthew Mottola, CEO of Human Cloud.

We’ll answer the tough questions:
> Why talent sourcing strategies need to change in 2024
> The current state of AI in recruitment
> The difference between building a tech team and other teams
> What top tech talent is looking for
> What key things employers and HR can do to attract top tech talents

You’ll love this if you are:
> HR Managers
> Talent Sourcing managers

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