Charlotte Gregson, Country Head UK at Malt


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In this episode, we’ll learn from Charlotte Gregson, the Country Head of the UK for Malt. Malt is the largest independent talent marketplace operating in Europe and The Middle East, with a staggering 700,000 freelancers as part of their community. 

Get ready to dive deep into the world of enterprise freelancing as we discuss the size and scope of Malt, the use cases for freelancers in the enterprise, and the balance between self-service and a white-glove experience. We also explore the importance of confidentiality and the evolution of the freelance marketplace. Overall, the conversation highlights the strategic value of freelancers in enterprise and the need for a tech-driven platform with a human touch.

Key takeaways:

  1. How Malt strategically enables large enterprises to leverage freelance talent effectively.
  2. Malt’s unique approach, operating on a country-by-country basis, with Charlotte leading the charge in the UK.
  3. The delicate balance Malt strikes between self-service and white-glove experiences.
  4. The importance of confidentiality in this space.
  5. The critical role human expertise and processes play in driving success, complementing Malt’s tech platform.

Whether you’re already tapped into the freelance workforce or just starting to explore, this episode is an essential listen. Get ready to rethink your approach to talent acquisition and project execution as Charlotte guides us through the freelance economy’s intricacies.


00:00 – Introduction and Overview

02:08 – Location and Background

03:14 – Size and Scope of Malt

05:38 – Client Base and Use Cases

07:26 – Global Reach and Local Expertise

10:48 – Tech-Driven Marketplace vs Relationship-Driven Service

12:30 – Strategic Use of Freelancers in Enterprise

25:11 – Segmenting Self-Service and White Glove

29:30 – Setup and Scale in Enterprise

30:19 – Confidentiality and NDA

31:38 – Charlotte’s Background and Career Journey

38:30 – Defining the Freelance Space

41:10 – Unique Aspects of Freelance

44:07 – Challenges and Regulations in the Freelance Space

49:25 – The Value of Freelancers in the Enterprise

54:23 – Examples of Big Wins with Freelancers

58:55 – Getting Started with Freelance

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