Elina Jutelyte, Founder of Freelance Business Community


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Elina Jutelyte, the founder of Freelance Business Community, discusses the challenges and opportunities of hosting events and running freelance-based communities. She shares insights on the changing freelance economy and the role of platforms in freelancing. Elina emphasizes the importance of understanding the ROI of community and tailoring it to specific goals. She also provides indicators for companies to consider when investing in community and shares her vision for the future of freelancing and community.

Key Takeaways:

  • Running events and communities for freelancers can provide valuable connections and support.
  • Platforms play a role in freelancing, but their effectiveness varies depending on the freelancer’s location and industry.
  • The freelance economy has seen growth and changes, with more acceptance of freelancers and a need for specialized services.
  • The ROI of community depends on the specific goals and outcomes desired, and tracking engagement and results is crucial.
  • Indicators for investing in community include demand for content and connections, and the opportunity to fill a niche or address specific needs.
  • The future of freelancing and community involves increased support and protection for freelancers, as well as the use of technology and AI to enhance connections and content.
  • During challenging times, community support can be invaluable for freelancers, providing advice, connections, and encouragement.




00:00 – Introduction and Background

03:00 – Running Freelance Business Month and Freelance Communities

08:15 – The Role of Platforms in Freelancing

13:02 – The Changing Freelance Economy

19:43 – The ROI of Community

26:05 – Indicators for Investing in Community

33:32 – The Future of Freelancing and Community

36:49 – Final Thoughts and Encouragement

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