Gali Arnon
Chief Business Officer - Marketplace, Fiverr

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Episode Overview


Gali Arnon, Chief Business Officer – Marketplace, at Fiverr explains why human relationships will become even more important in the age of AI and automation. Touching on her 6+ years at Fiverr, her prior experience leading a range of software companies, and the journey of Fiverr from a startup in 2010 to a leading public company today.

Gali will show us why the future of work is more human than ever, and how Fiverr’s focus on product and technology has enabled both freelancers and clients to form deeper collaboration. She’ll discuss the practical applications of how Enterprises are scaling their freelance workforces, with examples from Amazon,, and Stripe to name a few, and uncover the transformational benefits these companies have had from the creation of custom marketplaces and integrating freelancers into existing business processes. 

Last, she’ll let us in on Fiverr’s latest product launches. To no surprise…since Fiverr has historically been the leader in product innovation as they’ve both internally developed or acquired future looking products like the acquisition of And.Co, a freelance operating system that’s now Fiverr Workspace, and Stoke Talent, an Enterprise Freelance Management Suite that’s now Fiverr Enterprise.  

Some key takeaways from this episode:

  • Fiverr has had a significant impact on the freelance economy by productizing the process of hiring freelancers and removing friction and bureaucracy from the talent marketplace.
  • The future of Fiverr and the freelance economy lies in bridging the talent gap and providing personalized, efficient, and trusted solutions for businesses of all sizes.
  • Human talent is irreplaceable and plays a crucial role in creativity, human touch, and uniqueness, even in the age of AI.
  • Creating custom marketplaces for enterprise clients allows businesses to integrate freelancers into their existing processes and leverage their expertise to drive growth and innovation.  

Check This Out

Follow the link to learn about Fiverr’s latest product release:


00:00 – Introduction and Background
01:33 – How Gali Arnon Got into the Space and Why Fiverr
04:16 – The Impact of Fiverr on the Freelance Economy
06:11 – The Productization of the Freelance Industry
10:07 – The Role of Fiverr in Bridging the Talent Gap
15:49 – Key Learnings from Gali Arnon’s Experience at Fiverr
26:51 – The Future of Fiverr and the Freelance Economy
36:44 – Creating Custom Marketplaces for Enterprise Clients
49:06 – The Value of Human Talent in the Age of AI
53:39 – Upcoming Product Release
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