Q4, '23, Human Cloud Freelance Trend Tracker

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Jon and Matthew

February 8, 2024


What is Freelance Trend Tracker?

The Human Cloud Freelance Trend Tracker tracks the views and sentiments of global freelance economy leaders, clients hiring freelancers, and investors. By accessing the most up to date data, leaders can make informed decisions across their budgets, roadmaps, and strategy.

Key Learnings in Q4, ’23

  • 78% of the industry is positive about their expectations for the next 12 months. 

  • 67% of freelance leaders are neutral or modestly satisfied about 2023.

  • Client relationships are the leading factor for success. Speed is 2nd, Talent is 3rd.

  • The top skills are (1) AI related, (2) Data related, (3) Strategy related.

  • Platforms doing well have an Enterprise…

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