freelance terminal

Data driven decision making for every leader in the freelance economy.

Rather than sift through public reports or GLG, let our insights engine produce a personalized terminal for your needed insights.

We work with marketplace leaders, enterprises adopting freelance workforces, investors and researchers make intelligent decisions by accelerating their time to insight through hyper-relevant, tactical, and custom insights. 

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The Science Behind Our Insights Engine


100+ Leaders

We tap into our network of experts that would cost at least $2,500/hr through expert networks. 


Refined public data

Want to know a secret…ChatGPT uses the wrong data to tell us the total number of freelancers globally. 

While generative AI is great, it needs the human touch to tune the algorithms on credible sources. 

We do the tuning.


Actual Application

The real unlock of generative AI is being able to sift through the mountains of unstructured data to generate the patterns of what leads to success.

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