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Sundar, Swaminathan, Fractional Growth Executive

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Sundar represents the fastest growing segment of the freelance economy…mid level top performers with impressive logos choosing to freelance or build for the freelance economy rather than continue as a Director or above role. 
Prior we had Angie Moody who was a top performer at Microsoft, Visa, and Instagram. Then Ernie Park, a top performer at Hubspot. Now Sundar, a Carnegie Mellon grad and top performer at Uber and ready for it…a debt manager at the US Treasury.  
A couple of things that really hit me:
  1. Sundar views freelancing as the path to best support his family rather than the typical “I need the safety of a job.”
  2. Sundar works with post PMF B2C Marketplaces helping Series A-C make more profitable decisions through analytics and experimentation.
  3. Sundar chooses to freelance for the autonomy, flexibility, and impact he can make. 
  4. Sundar views the freelance journey as… year 1 = existing network, year 2 = referrals, year 3+ = have to turn away business.
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Our Favorite Quotes

The Naked Solopreneur is about transparency and helping people become better experimenters 
  • “So the naked part for me, and I picked a name that is not something people really like to throw around on LinkedIn too much. I went with that because I want to be super transparent. This is literally month two for me. But here’s all the information, here’s my full decision making process, and here’s my complete thoughts on what I want to do and work on.”
  • My mission in life is to make people better experimenters. A lot of people think that means just in the workplace. However, I don’t want people to just be better at experimenting in the workplace, I want people to be better at experimenting in life.”


What would you like to be called in this industry?

  • “That’s a really good question, if you were to ask me what I am holistically, I’m a solopreneur. If you ask me what I’m doing when I help clients, I’m an advisor.”


Sundar leverages his 13+ years of experience (Uber, DIRECTV, Otrium)  to excel in chaotic environments 

  • “My wife, for example, hates the first six months at a company. She’s like, you have to prove yourself and build rapport. For some reason, it’s the opposite for me. It’s chaos but I get to bring in a really fresh perspective. And I think I’m experienced and senior enough that I’m really comfortable knowing I’m not just talking a bunch of crap. Like, you know, it’s, it’s coming from a good place and I’m trying to drive change. And so many people at Otrium ask about ‘how you did this at Uber..’ A part of it is also giving back and just making people better at what they’re working on.”

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