Joy Batra, Founder Quartz Consulting

Human Cloud podcast Joy BatraFounder, Quartz Consulting Never miss a podcast! Leaders, Joy Batra is the founder of Quartz Consulting, a freelance consulting firm that has advised start-ups, venture capital firms, and Fortune 500 companies. Joy is also the author of “The Freelance Mindset” which has been featured in The Washington Post, Fast Company, and Oprah […]

Sundar Swaminathan, Fractional Growth Executive

Human Cloud podcast Sundar, Swaminathan, Fractional Growth Executive Never miss a podcast! Leaders,  Sundar represents the fastest growing segment of the freelance economy…mid level top performers with impressive logos choosing to freelance or build for the freelance economy rather than continue as a Director or above role.  Prior we had Angie Moody who was a top performer at Microsoft, […]

Adrian Tan, Singaporean Fractional CMO

Adrian Tan is our freelancer of the month, providing insights on innovative ways companies can use the fractional model to transform traditional roles including marketing.

Service Level Agreement Template

Ready to win large projects and scale your business today? A proposal is the foundation for every good project. It doesn’t need to be long, but it needs to clearly communicate deliverables and align expectations. STEP 1: DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATE STEP 2: FILE > MAKE A COPY STEP 3: CUSTOMIZE IT FOR YOUR UNIQUE REQUIREMENTS […]