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Brooks Lockett
SaaS & B2B Freelancer

Leaders, we seldom bring on individual freelancers for an entire episode.

The reason is absolutely NOT that we don’t leave freelancers (they are the hero’s of our industry). The real reason is that the best freelancers aren’t usually talking, they’re building, and a podcast for them is typically a distraction.

BUT. Their voices need to be heard. And you need to understand their problems and their motivation in order to attract and retain the best one’s.

Which is where Brooks comes in. Brooke’s would be your VP of marketing. Instead he’ll still do what a VP of marketing can do, but as an independent contractor, he’ll be your go to for every piece of SaaS & B2B content.

We’re going to hit on everything.

  • Why he freelances.
  • Why freelancing is better than a full time job for him.
  • Why hiring him leads to better results than full time employees.
  • What sucks about freelancing.

Our Favorite Quotes

What does Brooks do?

  • “I work with high growth, venture funded and profitable, b2b SaaS companies by helping them put together all their growth programs through content and copywriting.”


What does Brooks like to be called?

  • “I do prefer the term independent professional over freelancer or terms that you see”


Why does he freelance?

  • “When you work a 40 hour week at a corporation, it’s very different than a 40 hour week freelancing because when you’re freelancing, those 40 hours you’re working, you’re not hanging out at the coffee stand, you’re creating assets for your clients, you’re thinking, you’re strategizing, you’re building documentation, you are on calls with clients, it’s all active.
  • “If you think about working out, there’s a big difference between walking very slowly and sprinting. And freelancing is closer to the sprinting side of the spectrum.
  • “The Freelancers I’ve met, have all been this way, highly focused on their work, highly focused on their clients and wanting to do right by their clients. And that’s because their muscles have not atrophied. Like, freelancing is a lot less wasteful of a process. And that’s not a dig on working at large corporations. I’m not none of this is to is to bash anyone or pick on anyone. But this is just my experience in seeing both sides.”

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