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We’re the driving force behind the companies, teams, and leaders driving the freelance economy forward.

mission statement

Every company will spend $100m annually on freelancers by 2030.

more than a mission

We Power Those Leading The Charge

We have a beautiful space.

But if we’re being in honest…it can feel like we’re on an island or we’re doing something wrong. Whether the VP driving change across Microsoft, or the founder building the next creative marketplace, or the Trade Commissioner using freelance models to empower your economy, our industry can feel fragmented, hard to grasp, and void of tactical substance.  

On the bad side…We’ve been the one’s receiving calls/emails from you leaders for 10+ years. We’ve seen you making the same problems over and over. 

On the good side…We’ve seen you succeed when meeting your peers, receiving little nuggets of wisdom, or when we directly get in the trenches with you

No one leader is the same. But the one thing we’ve learned throughout our time in this space is that you’ll get there…you just need a lift, and that’s where we power you with our connections, our experience, and yes…if you need it…we’ll get in the trenches with you to man-handle whatever challenges you’re facing.


The Experts
You'll Need In Your Inbox

We’re proud to be pioneers of the freelance economy. 

We’ve built the companies, wrote the books, and worked with the leaders that have created what now has become the freelance economy. 

Matthew Mottola

Lead, Enterprise Intelligence

Jon Younger PhD

Lead, Marketplace Intelligence

What we do

We Are The Independent Advisors
For The World's Best Freelance Leaders

So that we can connect the 3 most important parties in the ecosystem.


We help marketplaces connect with the industry, position their place in the industry, and align their unique differentiation with where the companies and industry are going.


We help companies adopt freelance models, scale freelance workforces, integrate and deploy freelance programs within the external talent, contingent talent, VMS, MSP, and EOR landscape. 


We position, align, and integrate MSPS’s, VMS’s, EOR, and Compliance champions within the freelance economy ecosystem. . 

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