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The Human Cloud is the best first step any leader can take to build the future that puts people first and creates the future of work.
Stephanie Nadi Olson
Founder, We Are Rosie
With the power of the Human Cloud, you can create, innovate, and invent whole new products and markets for your ideas.
Daniel Pink
#1 New York Times Best Selling Author
What we do

We Are The Independent Advisors
For The World's Best Freelance Leaders

Our leaders have been the backbone of the freelance economy for over 10 years.
They’ve scaled their organizations up to $50m annual spend and built their marketplaces up to acquisition or IPO (to name a few use cases), all while bringing the next wave of future leaders with them. 


We help marketplaces connect with the industry, position their place in the industry, and align their unique differentiation with where the companies and industry are going.


We help companies adopt freelance models, scale freelance workforces, integrate and deploy freelance programs within the external talent, contingent talent, VMS, MSP, and EOR landscape. 


We position, align, and integrate MSPS’s, VMS’s, EOR, and Compliance champions within the freelance economy ecosystem. . 

Industry Brief

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Led by the industries most trusted partners

Human Cloud Partners is led by Jon Younger and Matthew Mottola, two of the industry’s most connected and experienced practitioners. Jon and Matthew are both Forbes Contributors writing for years about the freelance revolution, both have published leading books, both are Venture Partners for freelance focused funds, are actively consulting enterprises scaling freelance workforces, and sit on several advisory boards.

Matthew Mottola

Lead, Enterprise Intelligence

Jon Younger PhD

Lead, Marketplace Intelligence

Industry Report

$5.4 trillion dollar market. Over 30% YoY growth. 90% of leaders prioritizing. 

Note from the founders

We care deeply about our beautiful industry and the impact we can have on over 1 billion individuals in the next 5 years. But if we’re being in honest…our industry can feel like we’re on an island or we’re doing something wrong. Whether an Enterprise VP, Marketplace CEO, or aspiring leader, our industry can feel fragmented, hard to grasp, and void of tactical substance.  

This is where we come in. We’ve been receiving your calls/emails for 10+ years and seen leaders making the same problems over and over. We don’t have the secret sauce, or the magic hack, yet we know the people, know the industry direction, and with your trust we’ve proven to accelerate our leaders impact with exponential magnitude. 

We look forward to getting in the trenches with you,

– Jon & Matthew 

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