Christian Moldenhauer and David Küpper, Founders of expertpowerhouse


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Today we’re joined by Christian Moldenhauer and David Küpper, Founders of expertpowerhouse, and both former BCG Consultants. Founded in 2016, expertpowerhouse has been a leader in the freelance consulting space globally.

During this conversation, you’ll learn why David and Christian have been so successful in building a freelance model that both scales and is sustainable. You will learn why freelance is such an advantage for consulting, and how freelance isn’t just a disruptor, but complementary to existing consulting models.

Key takeaways:

1: Freelance consulting fills a gap that traditional consulting can’t, without freelance consulting replacing, but rather complementing traditional consulting

2: Fractional is a powerful new model for freelance experts

3: The small but mighty difference between a freelance consultant and freelance expert

4: The right person for 40% of the time is much more impactful than 100% of the wrong person


00:00 – Introduction and Background

03:31 – Global Exposure and Client Base

05:36 – Types of Consultants in the Network

09:25 – Engagements: Traditional Consulting vs. expertpowerhouse

13:08 – Evolution of the Consulting Industry

17:34 – Changes in the Industry in the Last 6 Months

20:04 – Expectations for the Next 6 Months

26:03 – Big Wins with Freelance Consulting

27:08 – Expansion within Accounts and Best Practices

39:00 – Role of Technology in the Industry

46:37 – Where to Find expertpowerhouse

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