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Cory Hymel
VP, Product & Research at Gigster


Cory Hymel is our innovator of the month, teaching us how we need to think about and act on ChatGPT and Generative AI.

Cory and Gigster are experts in building custom software using freelance networks. Everything from building the mobile app for North America’s leading manufacturing company, to helping Enterprises identify how they can best use AI by plugging in expert AI freelancers.

He’ll teach us how the freelance economy can embrace Generative AI solutions like ChatGPT.

Our Favorite Quotes

What exactly is the ‘future’ of work?

  • “I believe that the future workforce is going to be incredibly fluid. Meaning that people will move in and out of jobs, like water.”


Why do companies NEED to embrace this future of work? Why can’t they just stick to traditional hiring methods?

  • “If we do not find a way to adopt or facilitate the human cloud we will have a high probability of failure because future talent that is of high value wants to live in this human cloud kind of future of work. Meaning that they’re able to come in, work on projects where they provide high amounts of value that they’re passionate about, then move out. And if you don’t facilitate that, your ability to innovate and move quickly within the market is going to suffer dramatically.”


What will the impact of ChatGPT be? He heavily points to onboarding.

  • “If you think about turning over, you hand off not only the work, but that entire context that each employee has. Now that incoming worker, can ask a question, and it will reference all of the previous contextual information that was given before.”


How should you start applying ChatGPT?

  • “I think it’s always important with any new tech to put together little working groups to try to explore how this tech can fit within the context of your company. Every company is different. It’s not a one size fits all.”

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