Jai Dolwani, Founder of The Starters


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Talent platforms are amid massive disruption. What started as large, everything store marketplaces, are expanding into numerous different models, for different segments, and each has its own disruptive nature that makes them unique. 

No platform better shows this disruption than The Starters, a new fractional talent platform that combines e-commerce specialization and a business model disruption by being a subscription. 

In this episode, we’ll learn from Jai, the founder and a former Chief Marketing Officer.  

We’ll learn:

1: Why he chose a subscription-based model

2: Why he uses the term fractional  

3: Why he specializes in E-commerce

4: How he’s scaled The Starters

5: Where he envisions The Starters and the trajectory of the freelance economy heading


00:00 – Introduction and Background

02:44 – Discovering the Need for Fractional Labor

06:46 – The Starters Platform and Business Model

09:37 – Choosing a Unique Approach

12:53 – Balancing Growth and Sustainability

17:43 – Challenges and Successes in Client Acquisition

18:07 – Conversion and Retention of Clients

21:10 – Educating Clients on Freelance Talent

23:29 – Defining the Freelance Space

27:37 – Types of Projects and Talent on the Starters Platform

30:08 – Client Demographics and Future Growth

39:54 – Advice for Strategic Freelancer Hiring

43:07 – Where to Find Jai

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