Michael Morris, Co-Founder & CEO, Torc


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Michael Morris has been a pioneer in the freelance economy, especially when it comes to software development. In 2002, he started TopCoder, the crowdsourcing software development platform that led to ground breaking innovations from NASA and countless other companies. Michael now leads Torc, a global software development freelance platform. In his words, Torc is a talent marketplace that brings the most productive freelance developers to the enterprise through an AI, security, and culture-first platform approach. 
A couple things to listen for in this episode:
  • How a talent network needs community and culture to unlock productivity
  • Why trust and aligning incentives are integral for a strong talent and client experience
  • Why LATAM…hint, the time zone alignment, language proficiency, cultural alignment, and cost
  • How freelance talent unlocks speed to code
  • The role of automation in the freelance economy


00:00 – Introduction and Overview
01:12 – Overview of Torc
03:58 – Building Networks and Communities
08:33 – The Value of a Mobilized Network and Community
09:34 – Freelancer Loyalty
15:31 – Engagement Model and Transaction Size
23:05 – Ideal Clients and Their Motivations
27:29 – The Future of Work: Trust and Incentives
35:55 – The Opportunity in Latam
40:00 – The Future of Testing in Software Development

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