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We just released our Freelance Trend Tracker Quarterly Results for Q1 of 2024.

Each quarter, Freelance Trend Tracker reports on how leaders are feeling, how platforms are performing, and patterns for success. 

What did we learn this quarter?

  • Business Performance…51% of freelance leaders are neutral or frustrated
  • Client Acquisition…56% of freelance leaders haven’t been successful at attracting clients
  • But confidence is high, as 85% of leaders are confident about the industry long term, and leaders trust their teams as 57% of freelance leaders are confident about their team  


What does this mean? In today’s episode, Matthew breaks down 3 key takeaways you need to prioritize in your business.

  • Brand wins
  • Resilience is key
  • Bundling and consolidation is likely


Let’s discuss!

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00:00 – Introduction and Updates

01:00 – The Importance of Freelance Communities

03:27 – The Impact of Freelancers on Customer Success

04:25 – The Benefits of Freelancers over Agencies and Full-Time Employees

05:22 – Government Support for Freelance Marketplaces

06:05 – The Freelance Economy as a New Internet of Work

07:03 – The Importance of Senior Leaders in the Freelance Economy

08:29 – The Need to Simplify the Freelance Industry

09:28 – The Term ‘Gig Economy’ and the Need for a Unified Definition

10:25 – Doing More with Less in the Freelance Economy

11:51 – The Three Horizon Framework for Enterprise Adoption

13:41 – The Importance of Strategic Leadership in Freelance Adoption

20:37 – Key Insights from Freelance Trend Tracker

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