Rae Hames
Co-founder & CEO, Teamera


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Rae Hames is the Co-Founder and CEO of Teamera, a pioneering insights platform revolutionizing how companies build and optimize hybrid teams. With an extensive background that spans 15 years in advertising — including roles as an agency operator, brand-side leader, and freelancer — Rae brings a deep understanding of the operational challenges of managing an increasingly freelance-dominant workforce to the table. 

Before launching Teamera, she co-founded Work Sandy, a freelance staffing consultancy, where she and her team supported major consumer brands in building their flexible team infrastructure to improve hiring speed, reduce recruiting costs, and improve team performance. Rae has an impressive ability to create efficient, data-driven flexible teams, specifically by helping leaders create systems that blend full-time employees, agencies, and freelancers under one cohesive unit.

 A couple of highlights from this episode:

  • Why freelancers will never completely replace full-time employees… and why getting the right mix of freelance/full-time talent is critical for businesses today
  • How agencies ended up in a “doom loop” that has impacted their profit margins while improving opportunities for freelancers
  • The practical challenges of planning freelance teams – and how to optimize them over time
  • Rae’s advice on how leaders can start building an effective flexible workforce (Hint: all you need is two people – a leader with a strategic vision and a project manager!)

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