Ricky Willianto, CEO of Ravenry & Solos


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In this episode, we’ll learn from Ricky Willianto. Ricky is the CEO of both Ravenry and Solos. Ravenry is a market research freelance network, and Solos is software designed for freelancers. Ricky has had a fascinating journey, starting out as a freelancer himself. He then built a marketplace, pivoted several times, and now Ravenry has become a thriving market research network.


In this episode, we’re going to explore three key themes:

  1. Entrepreneurship in the Freelance Economy: What it’s like to be an entrepreneur navigating this dynamic space.
  2. Keys to Success: What it takes to be truly successful in the freelance market, including Ricky’s insightful pivots with Ravenry.
  3. Niche Freelance Platforms: The fastest-growing segment of freelance solutions and how Ravenry is pioneering a new approach to market research.


Ravenry, based in Singapore, isn’t just another freelance marketplace. It’s a better way to drive market research through a freelance network. You’ll hear about the geographical differences between Singapore/Southeast Asia and the US/EU, the differences in client expectations, and, most importantly, what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in this arena. So sit back and get ready to drive some change.


00:00 – Introduction

01:20 – Favorite Hawker Center in Singapore

02:16 – Balancing Time in Different Countries

03:46 – Ricky’s Background and Journey into Freelancing

07:23 – Challenges with Freelancer Marketplaces

10:21 – Project Management in Freelancing

11:46 – Specialization and Niche in Freelancing

13:47 – Freelancing in Southeast Asia

17:16 – Acceptance of Freelancing in Singapore and Southeast Asia

19:01 – Client Perception of Freelancers

21:16 – Cultural Differences in Freelancer Terminology

23:55 – Growth of Freelancing in Southeast Asia

26:02 – Connection between Social Media and Freelancing

26:59 – Talent Distribution in Southeast Asia

28:59 – Success and Vision for Solos

34:12 – Motivation behind Starting Solos

36:37 – Goals and Challenges in the Freelancing Space

43:01 – Advice for Building in the Freelancing Space

45:30 – Challenges in Enterprise Adoption of Freelancers

47:24 – Benefits of Flexible Work Models for Companies

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