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Vinod Kartha
VP, Strategic Initiatives

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Our favorite quotes:

What is Open Talent?

  • “Open talent is basically fluid and elastic talent that you can access in a matter of days. You have a problem, you need the expert for short duration, solve the problem and bow out. They’re like a SWAT team for me.”

Why Open Talent?

  • “what happened in the last three years in the market, it forced us to be in the talent business, to provide the best talent to global 1000 firms for their business and digital transformation journey”

  • “we realized that more and more people are moving to that workforce [independent workforce]. And then when we looked at the pool there, it’s like, when people talk about talent shortage, open talent was screaming what shortage? So that’s when we realized that there’s really not a talent shortage, but it’s more of a talent shift. More and more people want to be independent.”

What do the next 5 years look like?

  •  “if you look at the positive impacts of globalization, I think we’re gonna see a significant impact with talent mobilization, that the the open talent, and the freelance economy is enabling because now like earlier, you had access to technology and processes and frameworks, now you have access to talent, and we are a human economy. So the fact that you now don’t have any cultural barriers, any technology barriers, any regional barriers, any political barriers, to be able to tap the best talent anywhere at your fingertips, the amount of innovation that that can lead to is profound, right?

What’s in the way?

  • “there is enough technology and process innovation that has happened and companies world over have solved for a lot of these by virtue of insurance, by virtue of employee agreements, etc. But they don’t have to be as restrictive because a lot of the employee agreements that we see are based on, I mean, I’m not saying they are unreal, but I’m saying it’s based on problems with the past.”