Asal Naraghi, HR & Talent Strategy Leader

Human Cloud podcast Asal Naraghi,HR & Talent Strategy Leader Never miss a podcast! Leaders, Asal is the definition of an HR Changemaker we want on our side. She was Phillips’ Global Head of Strategic Priorities Delivery,  What blew me away were four things: How similar the technology of the freelance economy solves top challenges for talent leaders. […]

Deep and Vikram, Founder and Co-Founder Credilinq

Human Cloud podcast Deep SinghFounder & CEO, Credilinq Human Cloud podcast Vikram K.Co-Founder, Credilinq Never miss a podcast! Leaders, While many experts agree that the freelance economy is the future of work, access to credit is a leading barrier for solopreneurs, freelancers, and freelance marketplaces. While large, traditional companies can leverage credit to grow their business, […]

Steve Rader, Nasa

Human Cloud podcast Steve RaderNASA Tournament Lab and the Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation Never miss a podcast! Leaders, The freelance economy is more than just a staff augmentation or marketplace model. It’s a fundamental disruption in how we unlock the most important asset of our society – human potential. In NASA’s words, “It […]

Vinod Kartha, VP, Strategic Initiatives at UST

Vinod is the ideal leader and ideal champion for Open Talent. Vinod leads strategic initiatives at UST, a global digital transformation consultancy (UST is like that quiet kid that doesn’t need to insert themselves into every convo yet is the valedictorian, sports star, and just a great human). Vinod’s focus is Talent Supply Chain Management and Digital Transformation, along with spearheading an industry leading initiative called the Open Talent Center of Excellence.